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Our Story

In 2018 a group of community leaders in Seacoast New Hampshire came together to solve a pressing issue: the siloed operations of food pantries and community kitchens in the area, resulting in inefficient and often wasteful operations. These leaders found that food was going to waste, operations in the same town were not communicating with each other, and that overall the charitable food system was completely disconnected from the larger anti-hunger conversation.

And thus the Seacoast Food Providers Network was born.

Since its inception, the Food Providers Network has created a strong network of charitable food providers by convening food pantries and community kitchens together to discuss challenges, opportunities, and best practices amongst each other. As the network has grown, the Food Providers Network has provided grants to network members, educational opportunities, and a venue for collaboration.

As the FPN looks toward the future the organization has several primary focuses:

1. Foster even greater connection and collaboration across the network

2. Improve the current infrastructure of food pantries and community kitchens

3. Provide a voice for direct service providers in the greater anti-hunger conversation in the region

What We Do
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How We Get It Done

Connection and Collaboration

  • Monthly Network Meetings



Connecting and assisting existing food pantries and community kitchens in the region

  • Active Communication Platform

  • Collaborative Network Projects




  • Participation in local and regional anti-hunger coalitions

Raising awareness of the challenges and opportunities food pantries and community kitchens both face and provide

  • Partnerships with other local, regional, and national anti-hunger organizations

Infrastructure Improvement

  • One-on-one consulting



  • Grant Program

Shifting the current charitable food infrastructure to one that will be more stable, robust, and sustainable

  • Best Practices Seminars

How We Get It Done

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