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NH State Amendment to House Bill 1638

Funding of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programs (SNAP)

The proposed amendment would provide funding for shoppers with SNAP benefits to receive a dollar-for-dollar match on “up to $20 (per day) to be spent on fresh fruits and vegetables with an emphasis on locally grown, at participating farmer’s markets, farm stands, mobile markets, community supported agriculture sites, grocery stores, or other participating direct food retailers.”

Our state of New Hampshire is currently running a pilot program with Granite State Market Match. This is a grant funded, dollar-for-dollar program that is only offered at specific farmers markets. The amendment is exciting because it would greatly benefit shoppers across the state with SNAP/EBT benefits by increasing access to nutritious foods and would support our local food system by increasing sales for our regional farmers.

Similar money-match or “dollar-for-dollar” programs are currently working in many states across the US. This amendment would put $150,000 (per year) in state funding to nutritional assistance programs including but not limited to the market-match program, effective July 1, 2020.

The amendment to House Bill 1638 is currently being considered by the state House committee of Health, Human Services, and Elderly Affairs. During this time, before the committee provides the house with a recommendation on the bill, it can important for you to show your support of the amendment to House Bill 1638 by contacting the the NH Department of Health, Human Services, and Elderly Affairs by calling (603) 271-3589 or emailing

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